Adiabatic Water Chiller Eurochiller ADXevo

Adiabatic Water Chiller Eurochiller ADXevo

ADXevo is a medium-sized industrial process water chiller, air-cooled. The main advantages of this series are flexibility of use, high performance and efficient operation, which is enhanced by the adiabatic system. The FC version provides economical operation thanks to the free-cooling function - cooling without compressor use in the winter months. Model ADXevo 85 and higher are standardly produced with two separate cooling circuits.
Cooling Capacity
34 - 348 kW
Cooling Gas
air or water cooled
Included Components
storage tank and pump
Power Supply
400V / 50 Hz, other on request

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The ADXevo series chillers are equipped as standard with a shell & tube evaporator, directly integrated in the stainless steel tank. The devices in the FC version (free-cooling) are equipped with an additional integrated water cooling exchanger and a 3-way valve for cooling of the water by ambient air only, without compressor operation. The use of the system is especially in the winter, when the ambient air temperature is lower than the required water temperature. In addition, they are equipped with an adiabatic cooling system, thus ensuring maximum use of energy savings with regard to high cooling capacity even at high operating temperatures and minimum maintenance requirements.
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