Automatic Weighing AZO Componenter®

The AZO COMPONENTER® Step makes it possible to weigh minor and micro components automatically with gram accuracy, such as pigments, colourings, flavouring agents, additives, active agents and numerous other micro quantities. The system improves product safety while simultaneously boosting production efficiency by reducing individual manual production steps to a minimum. Main applications in plastic industry are compounds and masterbatch productions, PVC dryblends, ..., outside plastics it is in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
Dosed Material
granulate, microgranulate, powder

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The system comprises two levels. The components are held ready in raw material storages on the upper level. Prior to filling, the raw materials can be identified using the barcode and allocated to the correct hoppers. This rules out mix-ups of products and ensures that raw materials can be traced back. The raw material storage can be filled from sacks or big bags; pneumatic filling is also feasible. The target containers are positioned below the dosing points using a pneumatic drive. After the product is dosed with the quantity deter­mined in the recipe, the target container is transported one step forward to the next dosing point. There are separate scales provided for each component. Simultaneous weighing of components results in maximum time gain. Dosing screws combined with vibration bottoms underneath the raw material storage ensure accurate metering of components being handled. A vibrating chute can also be used for metering. Once all components are in the target container in accordance with the recipe, it is unloaded at the end of the metering line and is ready for the next process. Depending on application, Nr. of components and installation area available there are several designs and solution s available (linear, circular, ...).
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