Dosing Unit MCS Continuous Feeder

Dosing Unit MCS Continuous Feeder

Movacolor has developed a unique modular system that allows you to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system. Up to 15 components can be controlled from one controller. All standard Movacolor gravimetric units can be integrated into one blending system, able to dose granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids in the configuration you wish.
Dosed Material
microgranulate, granulate, regrind, powder, liquid
up to 2000 kg/h
Nr. of Mixed Materials
up to 15

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New components can easily be integrated without changes to the controller. The MCContinuous Blender covers most of the available materials like granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids. All this in one system, with one standard controller and integrated loader control. All the benefits of a continuous blender are suddenly within your reach. Our experience with in-line gravimetric dosing helps you to achieve the required accuracy for all your components, directly on the extruder.
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