Dosing Unit MCS RegrindDosing Unit MCS Regrind
Dosing Unit MCS Regrind
Dosing Unit MCS Regrind

Dosing Unit MCS Regrind

Precise gravimetric dosing unit for inline dosing of colours and regrind. One dosing unit of the MCTwin functions as the main unit and doses regrind, while the second operates in conjunction with the main unit and doses the additive. Thanks to intuitive touch screen is operation very easy and user-friendly. Application possible for extrusion and injection moulding. The devices can also be combined for multi-component systems.
Dosed Material
microgranulate, granulate, regrind
0.07 - 120 kg/h

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The MCTwin gravimetric dosing unit combines the qualities of Movacolor gravimetric systems for maximum benefit in the processing of regrind. Thanks to the dosing of regrind and colour in a closed loop, a stable colouring of the product is ensured, without shade fluctuations when stopping the grinder or lack of regrind. Colour dosing is subordinate to recycled to regrind, which in practice means: The more regrind, the less colour masterbatch. The continuous loss-in-weight measuring feature and automatic motor speed adjustment are key to a stable production process. This guarantees high quality end products and fewer rejects.
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