Dosing Unit MMS Weight

Dosing Unit MMS Weight

The MCWeight is specially designed to measure the actual feed capacity of an extruder, with main material throughput up to 1200kg/h. Thanks to intuitive touch screen is operation very easy and user-friendly. The devices can also be combined for multi-component systems, especially with MCBalance units for dosing of additives.
Dosed Material
granulate, powder
max 50 kg/h, max 100 kg/h, max 500 kg/h, max 1200 kg/h

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The MCWeight is specially designed to measure the actual feed capacity of an extruder. It has an integrated weighing module to accurately measure throughput and an integrated knife valve to control the filling. Combined with one or more Movacolor units, the MCWeight tracks even the smallest capacity variation of the extruder. It adjusts the additive dosing from the dosing units accordingly. Dried material with a temperature up to 180°C can be handled with the MCWeight. This throughput measurement system enables you to get the best out of your extrusion line. It gives you real time insight into your actual line capacity and tracks the consumption of your materials. In combination with our MCLine Control it can even control your complete extrusion line including upstream and downstream equipment.
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