Dr. Boy premieres at Fakuma 2021

After a break of more than two years a present trade fair of the plastics industry could take place again for the first time. At Fakuma, Boy presented a total of four trade premiers as well as interesting applications attracting a large number of visitors. With its BOY 125 E Boy presented the largest injection moulding machine from its product program with a clamping force of 1 250 kN and the footprint of only 5,2 m2. BOY 125 E impresses in terms of performance and compactness. At Fakuma, the electromechanical ejector was presented for the first time. An independent function from the main drive of the injection moulding machine with an associated cycle saving as well as a precise track positioning and the synchronization of clamping plate, ejector and handling movement are the advantages. The attractive trade fair application demonstrates the interaction of injection moulding machine and integrated linear handling LR5. The fully automatic system impressed with its compactness despite high complexity. Corresponding protective housing is just as much a part of the BOY LR5 scope of performance as the simple integration options for peripheral devices such as printing station conveyor belt or more. With the BOY 25 E Boy presented one of the successful models from its product programs. Since 1968 more than 25 000 machines of this type have been sold worldwide. The current injection moulding machine has a clamping force of 250 kN. A pneumatic removal handling system fully integrated under the protective housing remove the parts from the mould and place them on an integrated conveyor belt. Handling is controlled via the Procan Alpha machine control. With the premiere of BOY Moulding Assist the increasing digitalization in the injection moulding process found very practical implementation for many users. The assistant system can be activated directly on injection moulding machine. The software program Boy Moulding Assist offers helpful solutions to eliminate faulty parts in the manufacturing process. Step by step, the system proposes remedial measures which lead to the elimination of the error. In addition all solutions can be added. The assistance system can be displayed via a gateway directly in the machine control or via an internet browser on any mobile and device. BOY website with the technical data of the machine and helpful user tools, such as the BOY app is also available via the machine’s control terminal. Contact your BOY injection moulding machine online via the internet. No problem with the BOY via the slash stick. The machine control system is accessible via hotspot and wireless log stick from any web compatible end device, such as the tablet shown here. Alternatively, the integration into an existing customer network is also easily possible, especially for the remote maintenance of injection moulding machines. New connectivity of BOY injection moulding machines offers decisive advantages. Via a stable internet connection you are online with the machine, whenever and wherever you are. Currently, still a dream future but maybe a voice input will become part of the control of injection moulding machines in the future. BOY demonstrated this impressively at Fakuma. The digital flowmeter was the fourth trade fair premiere that BOY presented to visitors at Fakuma 2021. The set flow rate is recorded digitally and shown on the control display. Target quantities and tolerances can be set, displayed, monitored and saved. A temperature display with process data monitoring is available as an option. Manual turning of the control wheels of the water distributor is no longer necessary. With its courageous and successful trade fair appearance at Fakuma 2021 Boy underlined its innovative strength, especially in more efficient and digital technologies. 

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