Hot-air Dryer Gerco W 200

Hot-air Dryer Gerco W 200

Gerco W series hot air dryers are single-chamber mobile devices, designed especially for drying non-hygroscopic plastic granules from surface moisture, or for pre-drying wet hygroscopic plastic granules. The dryers can be equipped with a Siemens touch control panel for simple and user-friendly operation.
Filling Volume
200 l
Indicative Drying Capacity
30 - 120 kg/h
Achievable Residual Moisture

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adjustable drying temperature in the range of 60 -160 ° C; removable stainless steel material container with air diffuser; a drain valve under the material hopper for easy and complete emptying; large lid with gas springs for easy opening; optionally weekly programmable timer (weekly timer)
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