Knife Grinder Wanner D 25.38sKnife Grinder Wanner D 25.38s
Knife Grinder Wanner D 25.38s
Knife Grinder Wanner D 25.38s

Knife Grinder Wanner D 25.38s

Medium cutting granulator for in-line recycling of sprues and rejects from injection machines or for smaller extruded parts.
Cutting Chamber Dimensions
250 * 385 mm
Rotor Knifes Quantity
18 ks
max ca 120 kg/h
Motor Power
5.5 kW, 7.5 kW
Rotor rpm
330 nebo 530 ot./min.

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Ing. Michal Mihalík, PhD.


Very compact granulator with only small footprint, easy opening and cleaning of cutting chamber. Cutting chamber with "V" cutting geometry enables processing of bulky parts. Rotor bearings are placed outside the chamber. Granulator is equipped with massive fly-wheel for increasing of kinetic energy by processing of bulky parts. Bevel cut enables production of quality regrind with low dust content. Segment rotor knives can be easily resharpened. Optional sizes of the screens. Granulator is mobile on the rolls. These granulators can be equipped with various hoppers and stands and can be connected to sucking device; regrind can be collected into container.


  • standard
  • high-stan execution to collect regrind in box/bag


  • onstock at manufacturer in Germany
  • delivery time ca 2 weeks

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