Plastpol - Dr. Boy at 1.PLASTCOMPANY stand

Plastpol - Dr. Boy at 1.PLASTCOMPANY stand

Interesting live-applications on BOY injection moulding machines will attract numerous trade fair visitors to the BOY booth at the Plastpol in Kielce / Poland (23rd – 26th May). BOY's representative 1st Plastcompany, which has been successfully working for BOY on the Polish plastics market for years, is confident that its presence at the internationally oriented event will be successful in 2023, too.

A BOY 80 E hybrid produces polypropylene (PP) gift boxes in combination with the BOY-Handling LR 5. The "hybrid" in the machine name indicates the option servo-electric injection unit. In this specially developed injection unit with the international size SP170, the injection and dosing movements are driven electromechanically via two servo motors. The rotational and axial movements of the injection unit are made by two servo motors completely separated from the machine hydraulics. The independent operation of the injection unit is particularly advantageous for short cycle times and high dosing quantities. The BOY 80 E hybrid with a clamping force of 800 kN and a compact footprint of 4 m² illustrates visitors to Plastpol how space-saving the BOY LR 5 linear handling system can be positioned onto the injection moulding machine. In combination with the required safety gate, BOY will demonstrate a fully automated production unit on a footprint of just under 9 m².

On the new BOY XS E well-designed egg cups are produced from a translucent NAS 30 and positioned on a small conveyor belt via an integrated pneumatic handling system. The new BOY XS E - designated successor of the highly successful BOY XS – is now equipped with the proven servo drive of the E series from BOY. Energy-efficiency, high dynamics and extremely smooth running characterise the compact injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 100 kN. The BOY XS E proves its strengths mainly in micro injection moulding and sprueless production in single-cavity injection moulding. The new BOY machine model is optionally available with two different clamping platen configurations. In the standard version for conventional mould sizes up to 160 mm (diagonally up to 205 mm clear width between tie bars) as well as with a special mould holder 75 x 75 mm for micro moulds of many well-known standard mould manufacturers. Already in the standard version, the BOY XS E offers the advantage of an injection unit that can be adjusted in height by up to 25 mm, thus allowing decentralised gating.

The third machine at the BOY booth is a BOY 35 E VV automatic insert moulding machine with vertical clamping and injection unit. The BOY 35 E VV complies with a horizontal machine in its basic concept - only the injection and clamping unit have been arranged vertically by a 90° rotation. The lower clamping platen is fixed on all BOY insert moulding machines, which prevents the inserts from slipping during the clamping process. Shot weights of up to max. 69.5 g (PS) for high-precision applications, compact dimensions, plenty of free space for peripheral equipment on the machine frame and the possibility to also use smaller injection units make the BOY 35 VV the ideal solution for fully automatic insert moulding.

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