Shredder Weima WLK 2000

Shredder Weima WLK 2000

The WLK single-shaft shredders are ideal for the shredding of hard, rugged plastic applications. These machines can shred purge-blocks, pipes, automotive parts, blow moulded materials like PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters, buckets, paper products, cardboard, and light metals. The patented V rotor with cutting gap adjustment SuperCut enables finest class shredding results. The shredding of the material introduced takes place between the rotor blades and fixed counter blade. The pusher is fitted with scrapers that prevent undesired material being pulled in between the pusher and the machine housing,. It can be loaded using a belt conveyor, using a forklift, or by hand. It also serves as a great pre-shredder within a two-stage shredding system.
Cutting Chamber Dimensions
2000 * 1890 mm
Rotor Knifes Quantity
114 pcs
Various Rotor Types
V rotor, F rotor
Motor Power
90.0 kW, 110.0 kW

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